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​Professional Instructors

Let Our Expertise Become Yours

Are you looking for high quality medical and safety training by experts in the field? 


React Medical Training has recruited the finest instructors in the Valley to ensure your training experience exceeds your expectations. 


Our instructors include Regional Faculty from international institutions that set the standard for this type of education.  We hire instructors with a variety of medical backgrounds to ensure every student has access to the resources they need.


React students can also access our online forum to post questions that arise after you complete your course.      

We proudly support:

Instructors Role

Our instructors believe that a students failure to achieve their goals is our own failure.  Let us help you succeed so we both leave class feeling like winners!

Kim Lamb


Our Students


Our students come back year after year because of our effective but low stress teaching style.  High quality education is what we are famous for so whether you are a community member taking a course for the first time or a seasoned medical professional,  we customize our courses to address your specific needs.


Our Staff


We love to teach and can often be found at community events teaching CPR or other health and safety related topics. 

React Medical Training Presents:

Annie's Ice Bucket Challenge

CMO (Chief Manikin Officer) Annie

Home of the React Pirates

We believe that education can be both effective AND entertaining. The pirates visit our kids classes and community events and are available to visit schools or special events if they aren't busy pillaging and plundering.  Contact us for more information.

Super Sitter Staff
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