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What our students really think ..................


Your feedback is important to us so please feel free to make suggestions or comments.

The staff LOVED Steph.  They said they learned more from her & could remember more and had more fun then any other CPR class.  Thanks!                                                                                                       Carrie and the staff of Mark L Davis DDS


I appreciate the patience & understanding with us OB nurses.  It was fun!            J Spires


I’ve had several CPR/First Aid classes and this was the best.  The instructors taught us like someones life was at stake!       

                                                                                                                                               Alicia Townsend


Class was clear, informative, straight to point.  Anita was very enjoyable and facilitated a learning environment   

                                                                                                                                               Alexandra O


Just wanted to say, and forgot to put it on my eval yesterday: I was very pleased with the class overall. I thought both the instructors, John and Anita, were very good, kept things moving along, and mostly kept things low stress…which I really appreciated.  Thanks again for an enjoyable day!                                                         Maureen Doyle


the friendliness and keeping students calm during mega-code/I also enjoyed the teaching with humor-this has been proven to help retain information.                                                                                                      Erin T Fay


Professional instructors who really wanted to help all participants learn & succeed in ACLS.

                                                                                                                                                  Gladys Barnes


Thank you so much for an excellent class.                                                                        Mona Weaver, RN



Anonymous post-course evaluation comments:
Both instructors were excellent!  I really feel like I learned a lot and they kept the environment relaxed and informative.   (CRMC Employee - PALS Renewal 2-26-15)
I especially liked the instructors!  Learned so much and enjoyed the class.  I loved the class so much I will tell all of my co-workers how much I learned and recommend. I have done this class many times but have enjoyed this class the most.  I learned new things and enjoyed the instructors.  Love it!  Can't wait until 2 years :)    (CRMC Employee - PALS Renewal 2-26-15)
Really enjoyed myself.  I can't wait to re-certify!  (Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid 1-24-15)
I especially liked how well both instructors know their stuff to make the class worth taking - their presentation of their knowledge and how they both made me feel comfortable and still learn CPR & First Aid.  I loved the class.  Learning CPR first vs leaving it for the afternoon - Don't change anything.  Great class!   (Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid 1-24-15)


Both Instructors are friendly & effective and not boring!  It’s my first time with this company and sure will come back.



Great instructor.  Nice attitude made it fun to learn!   (EKG)  Adventist Healthcare Employee


Great instructors, very knowledgeable in their respective fields. (ACLS-R 8.5.14)


Nice instructors! James you rock! Hands down best instructor/ACLS class I've ever had! (ACLS-R  8.5.14)  Saint Agnes Employee


How helpful the instructors were in simplifying the information and reducing stress    (ACLS-R)


Both instructors made me feel very comfortable and were very helpful.  Both instructors explained subject very well and are highly recommended.   (HCP-R) Kaweah Delta Hospital Employee


Appreciate that they were both very relaxed, not making us feel bad if we needed correcting.


No wasted time, good use of humor!


Great teachers.  Kept material fun! Very knowledgeable & very entertaining.


Instructors were clear & concise & made the experience easy to follow.


Everything about this class everything was perfect and the teacher was well prepared and knowledgeable.


Professional, competent staff.  Positive learning environment, thank you.


Thank you for allowing a break so I could go pump.


Great staff that teaches the course.  They are willing to help us understand the materials presented.


Class was relaxed well instructed, instructors friendly


Instructors involved with teaching and helping us better our techniques


Positive, patient attitude of teachers


How Anita was calm & approachable.  She made you think of what you would do if this was a real pt.  Sometimes we get

too nervous & forget that.


Instructor was courteous/clear about subject matter answered all my questions.


Instructors helped create a great learning environment.


John really did an incredible job.  I appreciated his kindness, with and enthusiasm.  Even though he had just got off duty that morning at his ICU job!  Thank you for being so engaging-I learned a lot!


Great customer service, instructors are very kind.  Good learning environment


Thank you for your friendliness.  It made the class enjoyable.  I learned a lot.


Personalized attention.  Small class size, Mary Jo is a very likable person.


I really enjoy how the instructor took the time to explain everything & I didn’t feel rushed.  I was extremely nervous, but the instructor was very patient.


I especially liked that my instructor answered all of my questions & made the class easier to understand.


The way the ACLS class is set up is perfect.  I wouldn’t change anything. Loved ACLS! This class was great and I learned a lot.


The humor used, it helped to better understand & feel comfortable.


Reassurance instructors gave, ample time to review and practice.  It was great.


Very well presented! Great learning experience, great instructors.


Love that it is a stress free environment to learn in.


The instructor was very fair, answered all questions, clarified material and taught simulation well.


This PALS class was excellent.  I would highly recommend this to co-workers.  Thank you so much for passing down the knowledge.


I have taken this class for SEVERAL years.  This was the most informative & detailed.


Calm deamenor that the class was presented low stress.  Made me feel confident with my performance.


Instructors very friendly, easy to talk to, great customer service skills.


Instructors took time to answer our questions and show us how to improve.


All instructors were very nice & helpful.


Learning all the procedures for CPR.  Didn’t expect it to be fun and easy which is a plus.


I especially liked the attention to detail and not just blowing through the course.


The atmosphere was friendly & relaxed.  Instructors were knowledgeable & helpful.  The time went by fast.  Thank you for

making it interesting & educational at the same time.


I learned so much more than other CPR/First Aid classes.  Instructor (Lindsay) likes her job.


The instructors teach & make sure proper techniques are used.  Kept class interesting.


Really enjoyed the class & really learned a lot which I did not from previous BLS classes.  Thanks!


No dilly dallying just straight though it especially since it was an evening class.  Loved it!


I have been to lots of BLS classes because I often forget when to renew.  This by far was the BEST.  Instructors interesting

and didn’t waste time.


The instructors had a positive attitude and presentation of the material very competent.


The class was great!  I am glad I got to experience what a class at React is like after many years of sending people here.



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